Author: De Silva, S.U.
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Twin-Axis Elliptical Cavity  
  • F. Marhauser, A. Hutton
    JLab, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  • S.U. De Silva, J.R. Delayen, H. Park, L. Sweat
    ODU, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  Funding: Authored by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC under U.S. DOE Contract No. DE-AC05-06OR23177.
Energy Recovery Linacs (ERLs) use superconducting RF cavities to accelerate the primary electron beam while the spent electron beam is decelerated in the same cavities to recover the energy. Using separate beam pipes for the accelerated and decelerated beams allows for independent focusing and better merging of the beam from the injector into the ERL. In the frame of a DoE accelerator stewardship program we have designed and built a prototype 1.5 GHz twin-axis single-cell cavity as a proof of principle. Experiences on fabrication techniques and lessons learned will be reported prior to the vertical RF testing.
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