Author: Fichtner, F.
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Longitudinal Halo From NEA and PEA Photocathodes  
  • M.A. Dehn, K. Aulenbacher, V. Bechthold, F. Fichtner
    IKP, Mainz, Germany
  • K. Aulenbacher
    HIM, Mainz, Germany
  Funding: BMBF-HOPE II
For high average electron beam currents the length of the electron bunches must match the acceptance of the accelerator. At Johannes Gutenberg-Universität we are able to measure the longitudinal pulse responses of different photocathodes: negative electron affinity (NEA) types and positive electron affinity (PEA) types. With NEA (Cs:GaAs), the pulse response depends on the wavelength of photoexcitation and show at 800nm a long and relatively intense tail whereas at 400nm a similar shape but with orders of magnitude lower intensity is observed. In comparison to this distribution, PEA pulse responses (K2CsSb) show a similar shape as well but another order of magnitude less intensity than NEA in the blue excitation.
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