Author: Kuehn, J.     [Kühn, J.]
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Semiconductor Photocathode Development for the BERLinPro SRF Photoinjector  
  • J. Kühn
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  At HZB an ERL type accelerator, called BERLinPro, is being built. Cs-K-Sb photocathodes have been identified as electron source for low emittance and high current operation (100 mA). At the moment, the SRF-photoinjector for BERLinPro with an extensive diagnostics beam line is in the commissioning phase, which will also serve as a testbed to assess the performance of in-house produced Cs-K-Sb photocathodes. The deposition of Sb, K and Cs in order to prepare Cs-K-Sb photocathodes is demanding and requests an ultra-high vacuum. Even marginal changes to the process may influence the spectral quantum efficiency, the emittance and the lifetime of the photocathode, and hence change the characteristics of the electron bunch in the SRF-photoinjector. In my talk I will present the latest results of our photocathode research and I will give an update on the status of the SRF-photoinjector and BERLinPro.  
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Status of the Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project BERLinPro  
  • A. Jankowiak, M. Abo-Bakr, W. Anders, K.B. Bürkmann-Gehrlein, A.B. Büchel, P. Echevarria, A. Frahm, H.-W. Glock, F. Glöckner, F. Göbel, B.D.S. Hall, S. Heling, H.-G. Hoberg, C. Kalus, T. Kamps, G. Klemz, J. Knedel, J. Knobloch, J. Kolbe, G. Kourkafas, J. Kühn, B.C. Kuske, P. Kuske, J. Kuszynski, D. Malyutin, A.N. Matveenko, M. McAteer, A. Meseck, C.J. Metzger-Kraus, R. Müller, A. Neumann, N. Ohm, K. Ott, E. Panofski, F. Pflocksch, J. Rahn, M. Schmeißer, O. Schüler, M. Schuster, J. Ullrich, A. Ushakov, J. Völker
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  Funding: Work supported by the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Land Berlin and grants of the Helmholtz Association.
The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is constructing the Energy Recovery Linac Prototype BERLinPro, a demonstration facility for the science and technology of ERLs for future light source applications. BERLinPro is designed to acceleration a high current (100 mA, 50 MeV), high brilliance (norm. emittance below 1 mm mrad), short pulse (below 2 ps) cw electron beam. Here the project status will be reported. This includes the completion of the building and the installation of the first accelerator components, as well as the assembly of the srf gun and GunLab beam diagnostics, which are now under commissioning.
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