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MOPSPP004 Investigation of K2CsSb Photocathodes ion, cathode, electron, vacuum 4
  • V. Bechthold, K. Aulenbacher, M.A. Dehn, S. Friederich
    IKP, Mainz, Germany
  • K. Aulenbacher
    HIM, Mainz, Germany
  Funding: BMBF-HOPE II
The interest in multi alkali antimonide photocathodes, e.g. K2CsSb, for future ERL projects like BERLinPro (Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Prototype) and MESA (Mainz Energy-Recovering Superconducting Accelerator) has grown in recent years. In particular for the case of RF-sources the investigation of the time response is of great importance. In Mainz we are able to synthesize these kinds of photocathodes and investigate their pulse response at 1 picosecond level using a radio frequency streak method. We present on the one hand the cathode plant which is used for synthesizing the multi alkali antimonide photocathodes and on the other hand first measurements showing pulse responses of K2CsSb at 400 nm laser wavelength. Furthermore, an analyzing chamber has been installed, which allows investigation of lifetime under laser heating and in-situ measurements of the work function using a UHV Kelvin Probe.
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MOPSPP015 Development of a Multialkali Photocathode DC Gun for High Current Operation ion, gun, cathode, vacuum 29
  • N. Nishimori
    Tohoku University, Research Center for Electron Photon Science, Sendai, Japan
  • R. Hajima, R. Nagai, M. Sawamura
    QST, Tokai, Japan
  Funding: This work is partially supported by a JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research in Japan (15K13412).
We have developed a DC gun test stand at National Institutes for Quantum Radiological Science and Technology (QST) for high current electron beam generation. The gun test stand consists of an alkali antimonide photocathode preparation chamber, a DC gun with a 250kV-50mA Cockcroft Walton high voltage power supply, and beam line with a water cooled beam dump to accommodate 1.5 kW beam power. We successfully fabricated a Cs3Sb photocathode with quantum efficiency of 5.8 % at 532 nm wavelength and generated 150 keV beam with current up to 4.3 mA with 500 mW laser at 532 nm wavelength. Unfortunately, we encountered a vacuum incident during beam transport of high current beam and the development has been halted. We will fix the vacuum problem and restart the gun development as soon as possible.
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FRIBCC005 ERL17 Workshop, WG5 Summary: Applications ion, FEL, photon, operation 83
  • P.A. McIntosh
    STFC/DL/ASTeC, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • I.V. Konoplev
    JAI, Oxford, United Kingdom
  For the ERL17 Applications Working Group (WG5), a focus was identified for Photon science and Particle and Nuclear Physics application areas. For the Photon applications; THz, FEL and Compton drivers were most relevant and for the Particle and Nuclear Physics field, Compton, Polarised and Cooled beams were most prominent. The following then highlights the key performance needs, challenges and anticipated future demands for each of these application areas as reviewed and discussed at the workshop.  
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